Being authentic and real. Why is that so hard. I not only try to hide my shortfalls and missteps from other people but from God as well. Just thinking about being real leaves me frightened. Standing before God and men, just as I am seems risky. My God knows who I am, can’t hide my secret thoughts, feelings and actions from Him. Nothing is hidden. Jesus will stand with me before the Father and His Spirit will fill me with His strength. Jesus loves me, He is Life. Life died for me. God values us that much and yet do I value myself that much. Do I live and treat others with the same value that God gives. I don’t and many times I don’t even value myself as much. A real and authentic relationship with God. That is what I want. All I have to do is surrender. Just choose Him and walk with Him in authenticity.

The same is true amongst my family and friends. Love gives everything. If I hide a part of myself from them then I am withholding my love and life from them. So today, I choose to be real and authentic with those I have invested my love. I choose to value my loved ones as much as He values them. Jesus come be my strength, come be my love. Jesus give me your eyes to see the value You place on those around me. Jesus give me faith to stand with you. In my smallness and weakness my all that I meet today see only you.