While walking around Hematite Lake we stopped to admire the sun reflecting on the ripples. Miss Sparkles looks it over for a moment and says “It looks like I was in the lake!” We had no idea where she was going with this statement and after seeking clarification from her she said “It looks like the sparkles from my hair are in the water.” On special days I put fine glitter in Miss Sparkles’s hair. She loves it. It makes her feel special and beautiful. She also loves that everywhere she goes she leaves a trail of sparkles (to the sorrow of her older brother). It usually takes me a few days to sweep them out of the house. She loves to sparkle and I love to watch her sparkle. So naturally, anything that sparkles does so because the sparkles fell out of her hair! I enjoy my daughter and hope that she always sees her beauty. I never felt beautiful growing up. All of my flaws were pointed out to me nearly everydayand that is all that I see even today. I hope that she will always feel beautiful and know that she is fiercely loved by her parents. The truth may be that the sun makes the lake sparkle but the delight I find in her makes my heart sparkle.