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July 2012

Pinterest and Fear

I saw something on Pinterest several weeks ago that sounded really cool. It was an inspirational post that said something like " the Bible says do not be afraid 365 times..." Once for every single day of the year. Wow!... Continue Reading →

Another Fizz and Roller Derby

I'm on a quest...or obsessed. For the most part, I gave up cokes...or soda as some people say. Every once in a while I have one and then remember why I gave them up. I just don't feel right after... Continue Reading →

First Day

Yesterday was our first official day of home-school. The day went smoothly mostly because we had been homeschooling for the past several weeks. Today was different from the past few weeks because we got through every subject: Language arts, reading,... Continue Reading →

Homemade Bread

I love to bake bread. Even more I love to give a loaf of bread to someone. The Passionist Nuns taught me how to bake bread and give it away. That is me in the picture with Sister Maria Grace. I... Continue Reading →

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