Yesterday was our first official day of home-school. The day went smoothly mostly because we had been homeschooling for the past several weeks. Today was different from the past few weeks because we got through every subject: Language arts, reading, penmanship, creative writing, math, science, civics, art, and history. To think I am nuts enough to consider adding Latin in January…I must be crazy.

We made tie-dye shirts for the day and I took them out to Hutchen’s (my favorite place) for breakfast. Hutchen’s is a great local place. Mostly full of patrons from an older generation who make little kids feel like celebrities. Even though I was asked several times if these children were mine (there’s only four of them!) for once no one asked me if they all had the same Daddy or if I was ready to stop having children. It is always nice to hang out with a generation that has something positive to say about having more than two children.