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August 2012

Accountability and Offering It Up

Chapter 4 personal reflections 1. How do I feel when a friend is experiencing success at weight loss? In general pretty happy for them though I do wonder where the motivation comes from.  The second question asks why I want to... Continue Reading →

Week of Lessons Part 2

Chapter 2 The primary tip I picked up from this chapter was to use my cravings as a prompt to pray. I have a hard time expressing myself sometimes and when I am terribly emotional the best course of action... Continue Reading →

A Week of Lessons

This past week was hard and kinda crazy. With very little notice my mother showed up for the week. I had lots of plans for this week but with her arrival on my doorstep all of my resolve for this... Continue Reading →

Thoughts on intro to Made To Crave by Lysa TerKeurst

Starting next week, Future.Flying.Saucers and I will be going through the Made To Crave Bible study. We invite you to join us on this journey. I am very excited to go through this study with her and any of you... Continue Reading →

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