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September 2012

MTC chapters 6-9 or following Christ out of Starbucks

In chapter six Lysa teaches that self-control is a fruit of the Spirit and we grow closer to God when we exercise it. In other words by denying myself cappuccino (and a yummy cup of sugar and cream with some coffee is not... Continue Reading →

Letting Go

Not sure when I let go of my pain. I've lived with it so long I hadn't noticed the weight of it on my soul until it went missing. For years I have struggled with the unwanted memories from my... Continue Reading →


As I take the time to wait for my friend to catch her breath during our Made to Crave study, I too hit the pause button. I haven't continued on but I have kept up with the healthier choices made... Continue Reading →

Pause and Changes

There will not be a new post for the Made to Crave study this week. My partner at Future.Flying.Saucers. needs the time to catch up. She and her family need our prayers right now. She is a great encourager to... Continue Reading →

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