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January 2013

Lego Stonehenge

The past two weeks was our first time using Apologia for our science course. We were using another curriculum but it just wasn't in-depth enough for my little scholars. So I scrapped it and we switched to Apologia. My kids... Continue Reading →

First Resolution Done…Well Almost

Actually, I finished the hardest part of one of my 2013's to do list. This past weekend I passed the tests that will allow me to apply for a CCDW (Conceal Carry Deadly Weapon)...after all the paperwork processes. It will... Continue Reading →

Homemade Breakfast

I did it!!! I made yogurt! I had homemade yogurt, smoothie and granola for breakfast most mornings last week. Some mornings I just had the granola and yogurt and I did not get hungry until lunch time. On the mornings I... Continue Reading →

Christmas Around the World Part 3

Well I found the rest of this post in my draft box. I thought this was in the second post but...I don't and blogging don't always mix well. Here is a list of the crafts and recipes we did... Continue Reading →

What’s Up With My Brother

Several of you have left me notes asking about my brother. He is ok at the moment. I worry over him every day and call him several days a week. He is in the process of getting out of the military and... Continue Reading →

When Not to Change Curriculum

I am getting ready for the next academic year...which begins the second week of July. I like to plan ahead. I've been reading about Trail Guides Series from Geography Matters. I REALLY like this curriculum and I believe my kids... Continue Reading →

Healthy Living

I'm working on my resolutions for this new year. I know from many past failures that a diet won't work for me. I never stick to them...not ever. Too many rules...too many restrictions. And really...I do not have time to... Continue Reading →

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