IMG_3750I am getting ready for the next academic year…which begins the second week of July. I like to plan ahead. I’ve been reading about Trail Guides Series from Geography Matters. I REALLY like this curriculum and I believe my kids would love the learning adventure these books provide. Check the company out here for yourself. I told my husband and kids all about this new curriculum and how wonderful (and cheaper) it would be for us. I was really excited!!!!

My kids burst into tears…not the reaction I was expecting at all. I tried to convince them this would be a good change and lots of fun. More tears.

Turns out they were not afraid of change so much as losing the books they love. My children love Christian Light curriculum…especially the readers. They also love “The Story of the World” books and activities. My husband gently told me that we should not change our learning path since the kids cried for their books. We should stick with the education style our kids enjoy. So we will be sticking with the path I prayerfully laid out last year…which isn’t a bad thing.

I got carried away with trying to find the best for my crew. I forgot the best doesn’t always have to do with wonderful new academic resources…Earlier last year when I chose the academic path for my children… I chose that path through prayer. So I am pulling out my notes from last year and sticking to the path Jesus helped me lay out. And yes, we will stick with our Christian Light readers and “The Story of the World“.