Well I found the rest of this post in my draft box. I thought this was in the second post but…I don’t know…kids and blogging don’t always mix well. Here is a list of the crafts and recipes we did get to this year. I set aside the countries we didn’t get to for next year. I plan to keep this as an ongoing Christmas unit study for the next few years.

We did make a Christmas notebook to keep all of our maps and coloring pages. The kids will add to these notebooks each year. We also keep our passports in the front pocket of the notebook. I printed out maps for each country and made copies of coloring pages for each country. All links and resources for maps and coloring pages are here.


For our study of Mexico we made paper tissue flowers with tissue paper and chenille wires. We were supposed to just make paper poinsettia flowers but ended up making flowers of every color. We used four sheets of tissue paper and cut them into 5×5 squares. Then bend one end of the wire into a little ball and poke the other end into the center of the paper stack. Pull the wire all the way down until the little ball part is on the paper and the rest of the wire is the stem. We twisted the paper around the stems a little and then fluffed it to look like a full flower. Afterwards I read that we could have folded the paper squares and cut designs into the edges of the tissue paper. We still had fun but the kids had a hard time poking the wire through the papers so I did that part.


Our Norway craft was kinda messy but the kids really enjoyed making it. We made a treat for the birds. We stringed yarn through so bagels and knotted it so we could hang them outside. We then covered the bagel with peanut butter (this is even messier if you forget to put the yarn through the bagel first…just do you know). We then rolled the peanut butter coated bagels in birdseed. I put them all in a freezer bag and we waited to put them out with the first snow of the season…which was right after Christmas around here.


We made felt doves. The tutorial is from Bella Dia. The kids were really excited to sew. My third grader had and easy time with the project but it was a bit more challenging for my first graders. However, they were the most proud of this project.


We were supposed to make homemade gingerbread cookies and decorate them. I ended up just buying a mix at the store and the tubes of colored icing. We had so much fun I forgot to take pictures. Our craft was to make these. But my pinecones were too small. So we just covered our pinecones in glitter glue. Sam had the best time with this craft and was covered from head to toe in glitter glue!

A friend of mine posted a very informative post on Christmas in Ethopia. You can read about it here. She shares the recipes in the next two posts. She also has an adorable little boy from Ethopia.