The past two weeks was our first time using Apologia for our science course. We were using another curriculum but it just wasn’t in-depth enough for my little scholars. So I scrapped it and we switched to Apologia. My kids love it and beg me everyday to start with science…and sometimes we do.

We are using the Astronomy text and the accompanying Notebooking Journal and Jr Notebooking Journal. We just wrapped up our first chapter and I can tell we are really going to enjoy this curriculum. Yeah for small victories!! My first graders color in their notebooks while I read the text and then I have them narrate the main ideas. My oldest works on an outline of the main ideas in his notebook. If they have more questions we look in our encyclopedias or check Google. We spent an entire hour looking at pictures from Hubble and learning about nebulas. My kids love, love, love the notebooks.

We chose to build Stonehenge for our chapter project out of legos. The book suggested clay but I try to use legos as much as possible. We have used legos for several of our history projects. I found a simple diagram of Stonehenge to build our own model. We also learned how it was used as a calandar to mark the seasons. The one lesson the kids took away from this first chapter was how God put the earth in orbit and how the other planets help keep our little planet in place. They were amazed how “God really thought of everything”…my favorite quote from Miss Sparkles for the week!!  My favorite part is that my childrens’ natural wonder and amazement at creation is gently turned toward our Creator with this curriculum. We are going to love our journey with Apologia Science…I can just tell! Linking up with Homeschool Science Share and Tell.