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February 2013

Avocado: Green Butter

Up until a week ago all I knew about avocados was they were used to make guacamole. Just so you know...avocados are not a staple of Appalachian cuisine. Ha! There's two words you seldom see together! Serve up a mess of... Continue Reading →

Science Fun

We've continued to have a wonderful time exploring the universe this month. We finished up our studies on the Sun by watching two episodes of Nova about Stonehenge and the Sun. I found these on amazon and since we have a... Continue Reading →

My Oatmeal Recipe

Mornings at my house are not easy. Talking to me before I have indulged in a cup of coffee can be hazardous...just ask my kids. Most mornings they ask me if I've had my first cup of coffee before asking... Continue Reading →

Uncovering History With Electricity

I am always looking for ways to make our history lessons a little more fun. Our history curriculum has a lot of projects for every chapter we cover along with a coloring page and map page. Some of our favorite... Continue Reading →

Exercise, Bacon and the Proverbs 31 Woman

I started one of my goals for the year this week...exercising. Now I know that traditionally I should have started in January but...well...I have no excuse. Exercising is not one of my favorite things to start. I am fine once... Continue Reading →

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