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March 2013

Venusian Volcanos and Lego Swords

Our science studies (Apologia's Astronomy) took us to Venus and Earth this past month. We also managed to combine some history and art into our science labs this time...always nice when projects and disciplines can be combined! Our first science project... Continue Reading →

A Quick Note On My Brother

First of all I just wanted to say thank you to all of you who have expressed concern for my brother, offered prayers on his behalf, for the cards and many calls. Your support and continued prayers are very appreciated.... Continue Reading →

Building History with Legos

I really did not want the Legos in the school room but we had no place to put them. The little plastic bricks were in this room before we transformed it into our school room and to my dismay there was... Continue Reading →

Embracing Nineveh

Last year I struggled with my childhood abuse. I really just wanted to bury my past and leave it there. I blogged about some of it through the Made to Crave study I did with Future Flying Saucers. I started... Continue Reading →

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