Hello my friends. I know it has been kinda quiet on here lately. I hope to be getting back to posting more than just reviews in a few days. My brother’s care is consuming a bit of my time these days. Just as we were adjusting as a family to having him around our mother showed up…sick. Why she couldn’t wait until she felt better…not sure. She just had to see her son right now. The ironic thing is they haven’t said twenty words to each other since she got here on Monday and they haven’t seen each other in nearly four years. My family is so broken.

When my husband’s family gets together there is noise…lots of wonderful noise, talking, laughter and hugs. I love watching when they get together. I usually find a corner and sit back and watch them all enjoy each others company. There is so much beautiful life in the room when they are together…even when they grumble at each other. Sometimes I find it overwhelming…but comforting. I usually find a safe corner to watch from or hide behind my kids.

When my family gets together it is silent…silent like the grave.