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May 2013

Reflections On My Rookie Year

My first year of homeschooling is behind me and I feel a little sad to let it go. So much has changed in our lives this year that my head is spinning just thinking about it all. I've enjoyed my... Continue Reading →

Hematite Lake and Beatersville

We've had quite the weekend. I feel like we need another day or two to recover. We spent today at home. My husband smoked a couple of chickens which we made into wraps for dinner. Anything he makes in the... Continue Reading →

Repurposed Garbage Can

I've been wanting to grow a bigger garden each year. Sadly, our yard is pathetically low in sunny spots. I have this dream of lining up one of the driveways with big pots and growing all of our vegetables that... Continue Reading →

Review: My Home School Grades

My Home School Grades was created and designed by John Echols (a homeschool dad) and Jordan Shute (a recent homeschool graduate) for homeschoolers. No one knows better what homeschooling families need than fellow homeschoolers!! My Homeschool Grades is a way to keep track... Continue Reading →

Getting Back to Normal and Curriculum Choices

Most schools are winding down for the year and getting ready for a break. After some discussion with my husband we decided to embark on year round schooling. This week we finished up our first week of the 2013-14 school year. Life... Continue Reading →

Letting Go

Being a hopeful person is heartbreaking sometimes...there are days I would prefer to hide "under my rock". One of my friends often tells me I live under a rock...mostly because I quit watching the news. She has even taken it... Continue Reading →

Why I No Longer Have Faith In Children’s Ministry

I'm going to ruffle a feather or two...So, let me start out by saying I think highly of the people and many friends who work in children's ministry. It's a tough ministry...I called it the Armageddon ministry when I labored... Continue Reading →

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