We’ve had quite the weekend. I feel like we need another day or two to recover. We spent today at home. My husband smoked a couple of chickens which we made into wraps for dinner. Anything he makes in the smoker is delicious! The kids played in the little wading pools and I puttered in our yard a bit. The potatoes got another layer of straw and dirt. Soon I will let them flower and we’ll see if the yield will really be 100 pounds…We also noticed the two baby house finches were no longer in their nest. We enjoyed watching mama and daddy bird work on the nest and raise their two babies. The kids enjoyed watching the parents feed the chicks and we were sad to see the nest empty this morning. Maybe they will lay some more eggs?

Yesterday we went to Louisville for Beatersville…not your average car show. Some of the classic cars were really nice and others were…let’s just say artistic. The people were as interesting and as diverse as the cars. Greasers, retro fifties girls, bikers, dudes with mohawks, tattooed ladies, fella’s with amazing beards and girls who needed more clothing. We had a blast. My husband is a car guy…he knows the year a car was made by looking at it and all sorts of other things I do not understand. I really do not know the difference between make or model…let alone year and who designed it. Not a clue. I can tell you if it is a car or truck and the color…however, over the years, I have learned to identify a Mustang. Who knows what else I’ll be able to identify in another ten years?

On Saturday we enjoyed a walk around Hematite Lake. The walk was great except for the mosquitos…they are bad this year. Littlest couldn’t walk all the way around the lake so we took turns carrying him on our shoulders. He amused himself looking for letters on the path. He found sticks in the shape of y, z ,v, l and r…and we brought the stick home. He gave me the death-glare when I made him leave the sticks outside. He is alphabet obsessed right now…we’re beginning to wonder when symptoms of OCD show up…

I also got in two new products to review: one is from Apologia and the other from Classical Historian…can’t wait to tell you about those!