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July 2013

Our First Weekly Wrap-up

I love reading weekly wrap-ups on other blogs! So I thought I'd join in this year on the fun! We had an amazing week and later today we will be going to a family get together to honor my husband's... Continue Reading →

Another New Chapter

This summer is rushing by. Before I know it September will arrive bringing cooler nights and a hint of wild color to the trees. I cannot keep up with this year. I feel like everything is rushing by me so... Continue Reading →

A New Chapter

I need to change a few things...well maybe more than a few. I've spent a great deal of time this year reading and preparing to change my diet and exercise habits. Yeah, reading and thinking...but not doing. Time to change that... Continue Reading →

Unwired Mom Challenge

Today I joined Sam's Noggin Unwired Mom Challenge. I'll be really honest with y'all. I've not been the best about managing my time and have let the internet, email, Facebook and Pinterest steal my time. I noticed how bad I had... Continue Reading →

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