Today I joined Sam’s Noggin Unwired Mom Challenge. I’ll be really honest with y’all. I’ve not been the best about managing my time and have let the internet, email, Facebook and Pinterest steal my time. I noticed how bad I had let things slip when I told my two-year old to “wait a minute” when he needed to go potty. What?!? Really!?! Time to tame this online time stealer! My relationship to my husband and children matter more to me than what is on Facebook or the newest “why-didn’t-I-think-of-that” on Pinterest.

I used to get up in the mornings and workout and read Scripture before my household got up and needed me. Now I just sit and hop online. I can justify my reasons for doing so but I am not going to bother. Wrong is wrong.

Here is my pledge:

1. I will not start my morning online. I will first spend time in prayer and Bible study and then exercise.

2. If I am online I will close my iPad and listen to whomever is talking to me and engage in personal you-have-my-full-attention conversation.

Hold me accountable…please?