I need to change a few things…well maybe more than a few. I’ve spent a great deal of time this year reading and preparing to change my diet and exercise habits. Yeah, reading and thinking…but not doing. Time to change that little fact.

I do have a plan. Since I am an emotional eater it is important that I eat only when I am hungry. I’ve checked out several diet books from the library and even watched that “juicing diet” documentary on Netflix. But I could not find (or just plain wasn’t willing…the juicing seemed really extreme) a “diet” that I thought would work for me. Most of these diets had too many rules or excluded food groups…I like bread and I am not going gluten-free. Sorry. These books did not help me one bit on taming emotional eating…maybe I checked out the wrong books. Last week I was reading Ellie’s blog over at New Creations Ministries and the thought occurred to me that I did not need any of these books or a new diet to help me overcome emotional eating. I already have the God-given ability to know when I am hungry…when my belly rumbles!!! All I have to do is listen to my body and eat only when I am hungry. Sounds simple but I already know it will be difficult to break these old habits. One day at a time.

The second part of my plan is to exercise. I have a few videos and a treadmill so I will get up early to exercise. If I can get it in before Littlest gets up then I can get a work-out in…otherwise it just won’t happen. If I am really lucky then I will also have time to read Scripture and enjoy a hot cup of coffee before getting my little scholars up and starting school. I also will not pick up my iPad first thing in the morning…my day just goes all wrong if I hop online. Since I decided to wean myself from Facebook and Pinterest a bit I’ve noticed that my mood is better.

We took a break from school the past three weeks and we are all ready to jump back into our school schedule tomorrow. I worked several hours in the schoolroom today getting ready for our restart. Our new order of the day is more structured but I think that is what all of us need right now.

“Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation. The old has passed away; behold, the new has come.”  2 Corinthians 5:17