This summer is rushing by. Before I know it September will arrive bringing cooler nights and a hint of wild color to the trees. I cannot keep up with this year. I feel like everything is rushing by me so quickly. The world is going fast forward and I am stuck in pause. I feel the passage of time so sharply today…Each day I am striving to just stop and really savor the moment. Watching the kids…taking a moment and really savoring it. These precious moments pass by so quickly.

Yesterday my heart was broken. The Bible Study I have been going to for four years is likely going to end. Those precious ladies have helped me through so much…I’ve grown so much as a Christian with them. I do not want to let go. I no longer attend the same church so…it isn’t likely that I will see them very often anymore. Time moves on but I will miss those moments of prayer with them. I will miss sitting in that dining room and sharing our life with Jesus together. Heaven already seems so much sweeter…

I was a good girl and did not cry…not there anyway.

One of my dear friends is also moving away and she stopped by for a visit yesterday. Truly a heartbreaking day.

However, Jesus is giving me new friends to cherish and love and that is good. They are helping to soften the pain. I like new friends to discover and grow with. One of these new friends has a swimming pool and we get to go over every week and play. My kids adore her older sons. I am looking forward to this new chapter.