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August 2013

Two Weeks: Wrap-up

  Well I missed the weekly wrap-up last week. We had a date night last Friday and then on Saturday morning my husband left for Bristol. We were also celebrating his birthday last weekend and while we are out one... Continue Reading →

Christ of the Mountains

I grew up in two various military towns and in my grandparents home in the Appalachia foothills. We moved frequently from Washington to Louisiana and many places in-between.  I loved the mountains because everything remained as it was between stays.... Continue Reading →

Christopher Columbus

We really enjoyed our studies on Christopher Columbus from Beautiful Feet Books (BFB). It took us about three weeks to go through the ten lessons and read Columbus by Ingri and Edgar Parin D'Aulaire and listen to the Your Story Hour CD's provided... Continue Reading →

Travels and Testing Week

Oldest finished up a week of testing today. He took the Iowa Basic and Cognitive battery of tests. I do not plan to test every year at this point. I think every other year will be fine and we likely... Continue Reading →

Emotional Episodes

My beloved Bible Study group quit meeting last month after nearly five years. I wasn't ready for this group to end and kept hoping for an email or call that my friend had changed her mind and we would be meeting... Continue Reading →

Too Cute…is getting to me

The past few days we have been watching a show on Animal Planet called Too Cute. It's a sweet little show about kittens and puppies and all the funny little things they do while growing up. If I watch one... Continue Reading →

Weekly Wrap-up: Family

We started the week visiting with family and wishing my husband's nephew a safe trip to Kuwait. He is in the military and will be gone for several months. I enjoy seeing everyone...even if I spend some time hiding in... Continue Reading →

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