Oldest finished up a week of testing today. He took the Iowa Basic and Cognitive battery of tests. I do not plan to test every year at this point. I think every other year will be fine and we likely will not do the cognitive tests until eighth grade again. I do not plan to test the other kiddos until they complete third grade…well…unless the laws in my state change. Anyway, I am sure he is glad that is over! He tested over at a friends house and had a pretty good time during his breaks with his friends.

While Oldest tested the rest of us hung out at home. Littlest ran around playing Batman while the other two worked on math lessons from Math Mammoth and their One Minute Reader app…both are reviews that will be posted in a week or so.

visiting my Sisters...yes Littlest is in his Batman cape
visiting my Sisters…yes Littlest is in his Batman cape

Last weekend we were traveling and enjoyed staying with friends in Lexington. We always enjoy our trips there and visiting with friends. I am always amazed how much Lexington changes with each visit and get a little sad when we pass our previous home. On Sunday we traveled up to Erlanger to visit with the Sisters. I really missed seeing them last year and hugged Mother for a long time. I am hoping for another visit during convention time in the spring. We then traveled to Owensboro to visit family and finally headed home…yeah home!!!

We dumped out the garbage can potatoes this week. We were a month late getting the potatoes out and at least a couple of weeks early harvesting them. The weather has been too wet this year and some of them were starting to rot…but we did get plenty to eat. Our old garbage can split in half so we’ll have to come up with something else to plant them in. I think we will get a bigger crop next season.

Next week we’ll be back into school full time and getting back into our regular schedule. Yeah schedule!!!