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December 2013

Looking Back at 2013

I managed to actually accomplish a few of my goals for this past year...some I just had to let go as completely unrealistic. One of my goals was to help my open my home and family to him and provide... Continue Reading →

As Promised…Recipes

I promised a few people I would share some of my Christmas treat here goes... This first recipe is for Bourbon Balls but we always called them Snockered Snowmen. You can also use rum, brandy, orange liquor, whatever you... Continue Reading →

Upcoming Bible Study

I am teaming up with my friend at Future Flying Saucers for a Bible study on marriage starting next month. The book is called Enhancing Your Marriage by Judy Rossi. We teamed up last year on the Made To Crave study... Continue Reading →

Weekly-Wrap-up: Bow-tie Man and the Pickle Jar

Christmas is gone already and we are spending the rest of the week just relaxing. We are supposed to take a drive to Amish country today but my husband stayed up late reading the book I got him for Continue Reading →

Weekly Wrap-up: Armageddon and Angry American

With a title like that you'd think I had a hum-dinger of a week...but not really. We had a really nice week. My husband and I enjoyed our date night out and finished up some Christmas shopping. My husband's family draws... Continue Reading →

Weekly Wrap-up: Another Birthday and a Rant

When I wrote the wrap-up last week I was hoping for thunder-snow. Well it did not happen. We did not even get snow!!! The snow stayed to the north of us but we did get ice. It looked like snow... Continue Reading →

The Pilgrims with Beautiful Feet Books

We spent just over two months learning about the Pilgrims’ journey from England to America and then spent some time learning about their friend Squanto. Middle Boy and I are quite taken with Squanto and found his life story fascinating.... Continue Reading →

Weekly Wrap-up: Sickness and Thunder Snow

All systems normal is not the motto for this week. Littlest began the downhill swing into sickness beginning on Sunday with a cough and stuffy nose. On Monday he had a low-grade fever and by Tuesday he was at 103 degrees... Continue Reading →

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