When I wrote the wrap-up last week I was hoping for thunder-snow. Well it did not happen. We did not even get snow!!! The snow stayed to the north of us but we did get ice. It looked like snow outside but it was ice. The kids played in it anyway and Middle Boy even “ice-skated” in the drive-way. The sound of the ice falling was like listening to tiny bells and Littlest said “it is dropping sparkles out here”. I didn’t let him stay out long since he was still on the nebulizer.

A couple of weeks ago I asked for prayers for a friend. She and her family still need prayers. After finally getting to go home and spend some time with her newborn boy she had to go back into the hospital with an infection. She is now back home but is in a lot of pain. Please continue to pray for them.

Yesterday was my birthday…forty-one years. I didn’t realize it was my birthday until later in the morning. Facebook reminded me…sad but true. So I decided to declare the day a school holiday. All we did was math yesterday and clean up the school room. Math that I still need to grade. The kids tried to talk me into making

my own birthday cake. I spent the rest of the morning picking out our Christmas goodies recipes. I usually make treats at Christmas time for friends and teachers. The kids also want to make a birthday cake for Jesus this year. They decided to make a mocha cake with chocolate ganache filling and whipped cream icing. We made a list of all the ingredients we’d need for our Christmas treats list and headed to Wal-Mart.

The first comment I hear at the store is, “You sure have your hands full!” And a little later someone else said, “Are they all yours?” Usually I just smile and nod and move on…but these comments are getting old. Sometimes I want these people to know how they make me feel and sometimes I just want to punch them in the face…Being a mother is not a burden. Yes! I do know how it happened!!! Yes! They all have the same

father!!! Yes! I like spending all day and every day with my children! And yes my hands are full…of love and hugs and a joyful responsibility. I am not ruining my life by giving the best of myself to my husband and children. Serving them and nurturing them is the task God graced my life for. My life is wonderful and beautiful. Why is it so wrong to be who I am???

Rant over.

Later, I got to open the rest of my birthday presents. Last week they gave me a Tardis Christmas ornament early. It is a lovely glass ornament. I also got a shoulder holster for my gun and a Godiva hot chocolate package with a cup and saucer. It took me a while to figure out how to put on the holster and it will take some time getting used to wearing one…

We also made our pictures for the Christmas card this past week. Hopefully, the cards will arrive sometime today so I can get them out next week. I couldn’t come up with an idea for the cards this year so it is just the usual pajamas and Christmas tree pictures. I also turned in my last review for the team this week. I felt sad and will miss everyone at Mosaic Reviews.

Right now, as I type this,  Middle Boy is trying to teach Littlest to write with a pencil. Littlest has been playing with one of his toys this week that teaches writing skills. I think it is a called a Leadpad…but I am not sure. Anyway, the toy has an attached stylus and lights on a screen for tracing letters. Littlest spends hours a day working on that toy all by himself. He also plays with a set of refrigerator magnets that teaches spelling for three letter words. Littlest completely surprised us the other day when he told us how to spell air, sir, and see! One of my friends thinks I should start teaching him to read…but I really do not want to push him into “schooling” before he is ready.

Tonight I am looking forward to going out with my husband. Yeah!!