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January 2014

Weekly Wrap-up: Birthday and Art with Friends

Middle Boy turned seven last week. His birthday arrived too quickly...he's more little boy than baby now. He may be a big boy now but he still wanted his birthday cake to look like his lovey, Mr. Lion. After painting... Continue Reading →

Weekly Wrap-up: Elucidation of the Mysterious Zed

We (mostly my husband) spent most of the weekend crawling around in the attic and drilling holes in the walls to set up surround sound in the TV room. He is also painting the same room. So when people asked me if... Continue Reading →

Weekly Wrap-up: Creek Drama and Curtains

We had a bit of drama over the weekend. Sparkles fell into the creek behind our home into freezing water and mud. I happened to be shopping at Wallyworld at the time so was spared the dramatic aftermath of the... Continue Reading →

Weekly Wrap-up: Recovery

When I last sat down to write this we were preparing for a winter storm and I was rather sick. The weather experts kept putting off the arrival of the winter storm until they eventually cancelled it all together. Too... Continue Reading →

Weekly Wrap-up: Fevered Edition

We did end up going to Marion last Friday and shopping at our favorite Amish grocery store. I got a new sack of flour, cheese, honey, and twenty pounds of potatoes for only four bucks (just the potatoes were four... Continue Reading →

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