Mr. Lion cake
Mr. Lion cake

Middle Boy turned seven last week. His birthday arrived too quickly…he’s more little boy than baby now. He may be a big boy now but he still wanted his birthday cake to look like his lovey, Mr. Lion. After painting the walls on Friday night his daddy worked another hour or so decorating the cake with Mr. Lion’s image.

Just before the party began our next box of curriculum arrived from Beautiful Feet Books. We tore into the box and looked at all the books for History of Science and Westward Expansion. Then we reluctantly put the box away as family and friends arrived to celebrate with Middle Boy.  Most of the children were fellow homeschoolers and they enjoyed a fun game of Nerf wars downstairs. The one lone public school kid did not join in to play with the others. Hmm, interesting…I’ll keep that in mind the next time someone throws that “unsocialized” label at me. I’ll admit that as soon as everyone left I curled up on the couch with all the books while my husband taught the crew to fly the new remote-controlled helicopter from Grandma. Middle Boy enjoyed a great day!

Keeping Littlest entertained at the Dr's office is a full time job!
Keeping Littlest entertained at the Dr’s office is a full-time job!

Most of this week we spent at Mrs. Cuddle-me’s house working through another See The Light Art Project. This time the crew is working on a watercolor inspired by Winslow Homer. We spent a good portion of Tuesday morning at the doctor’s office for Middle Boy’s well check-up. Since we are studying Greek and Latin root words we amused ourselves looking at all the signs in the medical office trying to figure out the meaning of words like sphygmomanometer (not an easy word to spell), biohazard, stethoscope, and such words. That counts as a learning field trip…right?

Sparkles enjoyed an evening out with friends this week…all by herself with no brothers. The time out to play with another girl just did wonders for her attitude. She is looking forward to another afternoon out in the near future. I think she has had the hardest time with

birthday boy
birthday boy

switching to homeschooling since she is much more social than the boys. Sometimes, I feel sorry for her that she got stuck with me as her mom…I’m perfectly happy as a home-body. I would love to have some good garden land somewhere, keep a few animals and have no neighbors in view.

Today we will be finishing up our art project over at Mrs. Cuddle-me’s and celebrating one of her boy’s birthday too. We have a fun day ahead of us!

Last night I posted my first blog giveaway! If you feel so inclined please read my review of the film and leave a comment for a chance to win a copy of Kirk Cameron’s Unstoppable. I’ve never hosted a giveaway before and I am a little nervous and kinda excited about it. This is a small blog so your chances should be pretty good!