DSC03683Old Man Winter blustered all day Sunday and into the early morning hours of Monday burying us in freezing rain, sleet and snow. I never watched the news to check the final amount totals but it was enough to shut the area schools down all week. We did not get all of our studies done this week but we’ll get caught up over the weekend. I chose to let the kids enjoy the snow.

DSC03673 (2)I’m trying to plan for school over the next year. Oldest is moving into the logic stage which puts him in a separate history and science. (I quit following the science schedule since I had a hard time finding homeschool science material…and I’m not ready to write my own.) Most people advise me to have the younger ones follow along with my older one in history because once they reach the logic stage the schedules are easier to manage. I quizzed my crew yesterday on ancient history and they actually remembered more than I had expected. I asked them about doing it again so they could at least stay in the same time period with the oldest and they were very enthusiastic. Which kinda surprised me.

DSC03674I ordered the IOWA tests from BJU. The kids will test next month. The very idea of testing gives Oldest a headache since he went through several years of it in government school. Sparkles tested some in Kindergarten and Middle Boy has never sat for an exam. We do not have to test but I feel it is good thing to do. At least when they have to sit for college entrance exams they will know what to do with a page of bubbles. Today the kids are taking the math placement exams from Christian Light Education…just to compare with MathUSee.