angel on rolled stone at Jesus's former tomb
angel on rolled stone at Jesus’s former tomb

Life is slowly getting back to normal. The kids are nearly through with their process of Grandma detoxification…as I call it. We still have tons of treats to eat and I will be glad when they are all gone…four large boxes of chocolate pop-tarts, three boxes of chocolate cereal and other goodies that I never purchase. After the grandma detox will come the sugar detox and then everything will be back to normal. Yeah normal!!!

This week is Holy Week. It is the one time of year I miss the Catholic Church. During this week I long for the traditions, pageantry, and solemnity of Holy Week. I’ve been a Christian for almost twenty years now…half of those years in the Catholic Church and half as a…non-denominational Christian…some sort of Protestant I guess. Every Sunday when I go to church (currently Baptist) I always wonder why there is no Crucifix…why do Protestants shun the Crucifix. Maybe I should ask about it one of these days. Tomorrow is Good Friday…and I will miss walking the Way of the Cross.

art lessons
art lessons

Speaking of the Catholic Church…guess where I will be this time next week…My friend Mrs. Cuddle-me and I are going to the homeschool convention in Cincinnati. We will be staying in the guest room at the Monastery where I was once a member. The last time I stayed in that room was in the summer of 1997…hoping and praying to be accepted into the community. Standing in that room again might be an…odd moment for me. I am looking forward to seeing my Sisters and Mother again, going to my first convention, and sharing this strange and beautiful moment with my friend. This time next week I will be encountering a memory of myself…should be weird.

Littlest sleeping during science lessons

My husband and I decided to spend Resurrection Sunday at home this year. I am on nursery rotation at church this month and will be tired after taking care of a class full of two years olds. A day at home with just my family sounds peaceful.

We started our summer semester this week in the homeschool. We have a few chapters of Story of the World to finish and about twenty lessons from Primary Early American History (Beautiful Feet Book) to finish up from the school year. This week we added a weather and climate study and we started Geography through Literature from Beautiful Feet Books. We have only completed four lessons in the geography study so far but the crew absolutely loves the course. I can already tell our summer studies are going to be great fun! We’ve also been working our way through the See The Light The Crossmaker art DVD lessons this week…the crew is loving it.

geography lessons
geography lessons

We got our IOWA test results back this week and I was very happy with the crew’s performance…mostly. I am still concerned about math. We are using MathUSee and I am wondering if we should switch to Christian Light Education math. Most of their lower scores (lower but still average) were in math. Should I switch or not…undecided at the moment.

If anyone has some tips about attending a homeschool convention I am very open to advise…

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