We’ve enjoyed a week full of activities and this weekend promises more fun for our family. Last Friday Sparkles was invited to her very first sleepover with Mrs. Melody (she is also the crew’s piano teacher thus the music related nick-name) and another little friend. Sparkles had “the best time ever” and we didn’t see her until way after lunch time on Saturday. Sparkles packed her suitcase with all of the necessary things she would need for her sleepover: some stuffed animals, her special blanket, granola bars and an apple. I added a toothbrush, toothpaste, hair brush, pajamas and outfit…I know those things were not as important but I thought she might need a few of them.

I can remember staying the night with my aunts when I was little. My Aunt Opal ( pronounced “A’int”, because no one says “aunt” in Appalachia…not from my holler

anyway)  She used to let me fix her hair and she would make biscuits with chocolate gravy for breakfast. I also lost a tooth at her house once and she told me the craziest story about the Tooth Fairy’s visit I’ve ever heard! She also gave me my first beer when…well never mind that crazy story. I loved staying the night with my aunts when I was little. I really thought when we moved near family that my kids would have the same experiences with their aunts and uncles. That hasn’t happened but I am glad that God has provided our family with wonderful friends who have stepped into our kids lives. I couldn’t ask for a better mentor and role model for my daughter than Mrs. Melody…and the boys adore her too.

Saturday afternoon we traveled to Mayfield for the Top Gun Car show. I look forward to this car show every month during the warm season. Most of the time the same crowd and cars show up but usually there is a few new cars in the mix. This week’s show was a bit cooler than last month and I got a little chilled. I was disappointed the tractors didn’t show. A new group came to show their cars this time. I am not sure if they have a name but their late 1970’s to early 1980’s cars all had tiny wheels and fancy hydraulics. I would have gone over and taken a picture of their cars but one of them set out a really creepy Chucky doll on a skull spangled bicycle…

Monday night we went to the local Drive-in and watched Rio 2 and the new Captain America movie. The Drive-in is one of the cool features of this area. We usually show up a couple of hours early to get a spot up front. The kids love to play in the big ditch in front of the movie screen. Sparkles was delighted to find a few of her cousins were there as well! We were all too tired to bother with school the next day so we took the day off!

Wednesday night Mrs. Melody came over to stay with the kids so my husband and I could go to the Willie Nelson/Alison Krauss concert. The crew was delighted to learn she had never seen Frozen and they watched it with her after she gave them their piano lessons. The concert was really good and I was impressed with Willie Nelson’s stamina. Alison Krauss and Union Station were amazing and I especially enjoyed their portion of the show. She described touring with Willie Nelson was like hanging out with a “friendly neighborhood outlaw”. Thank you Mrs. Melody for  giving us the night out!!!!

This week in school we finished up the first book (Paddle to the Sea by Holling C. Holling) of our geography study. We are loving this gently introduction to geography by Beautiful Feet Books. We also finished up the Colonial and Revolution period of our Early American History study as well. I’ll have a write-up of our activities and books up in a week or so. I cannot believe we are almost finished with Beautiful Feet Book’s Primary Early American History.

I am slowly working through next years lesson planning. The more I plan the more I just want to get started!! I think the kids are going to love this year’s book selections. This morning we were scared out of our school room by a visiting hornet!!! I have no idea how he found his (or her…I have no idea) way into the school room but we didn’t get much done today thanks to him (and a late start)…oh well…we’re not on anyone’s schedule anyway.

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