I’m not sure I remember everything that happened this week and some I wish I could forget. I had some sweet tea several times this weekend and my lovely twitch returned to my thumb this time spreading further up my arm. I think I will have to stick with water and lemon even when eating at a restaurant…I was also a little stressed earlier this week which was the main culprit for the return of the twitch. I really thought it would take drinking a pot of coffee a day to bring the twitch back but it only takes a little caffeine coupled with stress to resurrect the twitch. Or if I could find a way to live serene like the Buddha then I could have all the coffee I want ’cause nothing would get to me…well a girl can dream! I do have this fear that eventually the twitch will return without the fuel of caffeine. I’m still working through the stressor and not yet ready to write through the turmoil of rejection…the words are still locked by emotion.

Friday night I went to a homeschool graduation. That was really cool and gave me a lot to think (and dream) about.

Saturday turned out to be a beautiful day to take our annual walk around Hematite Lake. The day was mostly overcast so it didn’t get too hot and there were fewer mosquitos this year. Littlest managed to walk most of the trail this year which surprised us. Even though it was a holiday weekend I had the kids complete four lessons of math. They have no fought me at all on this change in math curriculum and have stepped up to the hard work of completing two years worth of math in one year. They embraced the challenge without complaining. I’m really proud of their hard work and determination…but don’t tell them!!

Sunday we skipped church and headed to Beatersville! We left early and drove to Louisville to walk through the old neighborhood that hosts the Phoenix Hill Tavern and Beatersville car show. The place was crammed full of cars and characters…more than I could post on here. The cars were a little nicer and cleaner this year…not as many chopped up weird gothic art pieces as last year. The crowd was full of more car enthusiasts (like us) than Beaters too. Still, not a single Mustang. After strolling through Beatersville we traveled to Bardstown and stopped at My Old Kentucky Home and then found a Mexican restaurant for a

late lunch. Our lunch was a little strange in that Oldest could not eat all of his food (he’s usually still hungry), Sparkles finished first (we always have to wait for her), Middle Boy was calm (he usually bounces around everywhere…even under the table), and Littlest was happy the entire time (he always finds something to cry about). The arrival of Armageddon would not have surprised me at that moment!

After lunch we decided to drive home by the back road. A detour brought us near one of my brother-in-laws’ so we stopped for a visit. The kids had a wonderful time running around his farm, playing with kittens, and listening to coyotes. We ended up getting home very late.

The rest of the week went by in a blur of schoolwork…math, math, and more math. WE also worked through several weather science labs building a barometer (that really worked), experimenting with heat absorption, and making rain in a petri dish. We’ve moved on in our American History studies to Abraham Lincoln and the Civil War. This kind of history is hard for me to get through when the kids are still so little. I really have to gloss over so much…history is a brutal, math is easy. I cannot believe we will finish Beautiful Feet Book’s Primary Early American History next week…wow! I did discover Supercharged Science this week and I am so excited…maybe…just maybe this is the hard core fun science I have been looking for…I hope.

This week two families made the decision to contact us about homeschooling. I’ve invited both to “come and see”. Some things you just have to talk about in person. Homeschooling isn’t just another task you add to your list…this is a way of life. For me this lifestyle is a precious and sacred calling. Once I embraced this calling I no longer felt lost and adrift in life…I am where I belong, performing the task God has blessed me for. For most of my life (until I met my husband) I have felt like I was watching through a window on life…never a part of life but separated…outcast in a way. This way of life with my husband and children is home…no matter where we roam and I would not trade it for the world.

I’m at a decision point for my blog. I’ve nearly used up my storage space. So, do I delete a bunch of pictures and posts or pay for my own space? I’m not sure where to go from here…any thoughts?

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