playing with forbidden legos
playing with forbidden legos

During a moment of purely motherly insanity I purchased the Frozen soundtrack for my sweet children. They now know all of the songs by heart. Sparkles can even dictate the parts of the movie that correspond with the non-lyrical parts of the soundtrack (why can’t they perform this impossible feat during school hours!?!?). I have witnessed untold numbers of dances and sing-alongs…even recorded one or two on the sly. One time, the four of them, spontaneously together burst into song (Let it Go) during math lessons at the dining room table. I just let them sing…too stunned into immobility to do anything about it anyway. Yet, despite the one-hundred plus times I’ve heard the song, I still want to cry and console myself with chocolate every time I hear Do You Want to Build a Snowman? 

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dodging traffic

Over the weekend we had the misfortune to attend the WORST classic car cruise-in ever…well…the worst I’ve ever been to anyway. There were many wonderful cars we wanted to look at and many we hadn’t seen locally anywhere else. However, the town hosting the cruise-in did not shut down the main traffic! It wasn’t safe to look at the cars because you had to dodge oncoming traffic. I was so disgusted…

Middle Boy  without fear
Middle Boy without fear

We had a blast swimming with our friends on Friday. Middle Boy even swam in a very deep pool for a while without water-wings. He did very well and I think most of his fear of the water is behind him. Littlest insisted Big E hold him in the pool most of the time. Anytime I came near he just yelled, “I don’t want you!” Littlest has been telling me for weeks how much he wanted to see Big E. I’m sure Big E had his fill of Littlest last Friday but to his credit he never complained and always indulged Littlest’s every wish.

20140530_103219 (640x480)The kids worked hard on math this week and even through the weekend. I have been pushing them to get through at least half of the previous grade level of math before our academic year starts in July. They have even been working on weekends. This week my husband suggested we take a day off from school work. I listen to my husband. even though I am the teacher he is the head of our school. The kids played happily on their day off. I had so much to do but ended up taking a nap…and it was wonderful!

20140530_103214 (640x474)On Wednesday a friend came over to discuss homeschooling. I’ve been praying for her family for a long time because she has wanted to homeschool but her husband was dubious. He finally (after years of praying) agreed. So my friend came over to discuss curriculum and laws and I gave her some curriculum and a pile of catalogs. Later today another family will be coming over to talk to me about homeschooling. I never expected to be a consultant…I am humbled by the trust others place in me and fearful of letting them down.

Oldest has turned a corner this week. He is working hard on his history and geography notebooks. Suddenly, he has taken ownership of his work and puts a great deal of time into his notebooks. I am so happy to witness this maturing moment in hard work. I am really looking forward to beginning the Logic Stage with him. These are the moments a homeschool mom lives for…

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