My thoughts while exercising
My thoughts while exercising

I’ll be joining with Claire and friends at angelicscalliwags on a healthy living and weight loss lifestyle change. When it comes to exercise I feel a lot like the kitty in the picture…bored and dreaming of a yummy egg, extra-sharp cheddar cheese and bacon biscuit!

Several times this year I have started an exercise program and watched my portions only to lose interest…I’ll fess-up and say they were half-hearted attempts. Lately, however, I’ve gained enough weight that my wedding band is painful to wear. I feel uncomfortable leaving home with a naked ring finger…

My first short-term goal is to be able to wear my wedding band without risk of losing my finger. For the first two weeks or so I plan will drink a proper amount of water…this one will be the hardest for me.  I will stick to proper portions and no snacks after dinner. I have a journal (plain composition book) for tracking my weight, measurements, and meals. I also plan to exercise at least four days a week if not more…which means I have to exercise everyday for the rest of this week.

I’ve used exercise videos off and on (mostly off) for years and they get so boring. Recently I discovered there are several free workouts on YouTube! My two favorites are FitnessBlender and Jessica Smith TV. There is enough variety between these two pages that I never get bored. Ellie at New Creations Ministries is always a source of encouragement and nutrition knowledge. She even promised to personally pray for me as I struggle to make these healthier changes. I need the prayers and feel motivated since I know she will be checking in on my progress.

I couldn't resist the Dr. Who quote!
I couldn’t resist the Dr. Who quote!

In her Wibbly-Wobbly post, Claire mentioned we should celebrate these healthier changes:  “So let’s celebrate that first jog,  the new healthy recipe you’ve discovered or tasting sprouts for the first time (erk!) or even painting your nails.  Silly, I know, but let’s celebrate being alive and being well enough to do all these things!”   I never considered pursuing the healthy lifestyle something to celebrate. Honestly, it has always been more like drudgery and self-imposed punishment. I’d wager that attitude had something to do with my lack of perseverance. So I’m embracing this new attitude and holding on with all I’ve got. Celebrate with me (but not with a bacon sandwich)!

I plan to post Wibbly-Wobbly Weightloss up-dates on Saturday evenings since that is the day Claire chose. Hop on over and join the celebration if you feel so inclined!