I haven’t much to share this week and can hardly believe another week has passed. We’ve been so busy I haven’t even got my usual weekly wrap-up written. We also put in a half day od school today and I still plan for us to do a bit more tonight or even tomorrow. Last week I was sick and barely well enough to go to a baby shower for my husband’s nephew. After the stomach ache and dry heaves settled my head just hurt something awful. Littlest and Oldest were also ill this week but they recovered far more quickly.

I lost five pounds the previous week but I knew some or possibly all of the weight loss was due to my illness. I really dreaded getting on the scale today because I was sure all five pounds would be back. I was wrong and only regained two pounds. I weighed myself three times just to be sure. Pure determination is what kept the rest of the weight from returning. No matter how bad I felt (except my sickest day) or how little energy I had I exercised anyway. Even on the days with headaches I put in 40 minutes of sweat and after feeling better I’ve upped my time to fifty minutes. I’ve made exercising a priority which isn’t something I’ve done in the past.

Another healthy habit I am trying to add is a healthy lunch. I premade several salads on Monday so it would be easy for me to eat healthier. I loved just getting my ready made lunch out of the refrigerator. I am certain that having the salad all ready to eat kept me away from less culinary ideal options. I am not a huge fan of salads and maybe I’ll switch some of these out with smoothies this coming week. Or maybe I’ll have just a little bacon with the salads…Eating healthy is one thing but actually liking the food is something else. Of course only one week isn’t enough time to change my taste buds. I took nearly six months for me to prefer to drink and enjoy water. Hopefully it will not take as long to cultivate a taste for spinach, lettuce, and such foods.