I’m really late posting. We had a very busy but nice weekend. Saturday was cleaning and the monthly grocery day. I had intended to post early Saturday morning but the internet was down during my planned time. I could have posted that night but chose to hang out with my husband and watch some movies. I spent quite a bit of time hiding my eyes through the first movie which was Kick Ass 2. I don’t recommend it. Sometimes I just like to watch movies with my husband to see what he thinks is entertaining. I should have passed on that one. Our second movie was the old sad classic Red Dawn. Sunday had arrived by the time we went to bed and I suffered with restless dreams.

Sunday morning arrived way too early. It was also Promotion Sunday at our church which is never a fun day for the nursery workers. Some days I think it would be easier for us teachers to move rooms instead of the little ones. Sunday evening we had friends over for a cookout. Good food and good company makes for a wonderful end to a pretty good weekend.

I was shocked when I stepped on the scale tis morning to see I had managed to maintain my weight for the week. I really expected to gain. I’m counting that as my victory for he week!

Later today I’ll make up several bowls of salad and veggies for the week. I also picked out several fish and other healthier recipes for us to try out this month. Our first is dish to try fish tacos. The recipe called for “fresh flakey white fish”. I know so little about fish that I had to google the phrase to know what it meant. Cod, halibut, or the fun to say mahi-mahi…just in case you didn’t know either. I’m going to start with only one or two healthy recipe to try each week and maybe by the end of the year we’ll have several good recipes that everyone likes. I also made fresh salsa to have as a snack this week. I slightly modified the recipe from the book Keepers which is also where I got several of the fish recipes we will try out.

For exercise this week I plan to walk outside more instead of just getting on the stationary bike. But I will have to work out the timing so that someone is keeping an eye on Littlest. I’m also shift the kids to healthier snacks this week and begin eliminating some of the really unhealthy snack foods. They are so excited…

While I was at the big-box store I drooled over this cool fitness gadget…but it is sooo expensive!

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