My crew was sorely lacking in health this week…they succumbed to various germs. Schooling was fit in to whenever we had time and this weekend will find us working in the school room getting caught up on the subjects in which we fell behind. We are two weeks from finishing our first term (of five) for the year and I plan to finish on schedule. At the moment we are a day ahead of schedule and I plan to keep it that way. My mother plans to visit in October and I hope to be a few days ahead of schedule when she visits so we can afford the loss of days during her stay. Hopefully I will handle her visit better this time…most likely won’t but I can always hope.

Littlest fell asleep in my lap after a bath
Littlest fell asleep in my lap after a bath

Thanks to the fabulous Mrs. Melody my beloved and I enjoyed a wonderful Saturday afternoon out. She kept the kiddos for us and we went to the Cruise-in on our own. I actually got to ride in the Old Mustang with my man (a rare treat) and hang out with him and not have to worry about the mischief the kids were causing. We enjoyed a nice dinner together at Carr’s and then wandered around the Cruise-in looking at old smelly cars. Perfect afternoon!

On Sunday I watched over my new two-year old class at church and wished we had stayed home. They all had the “back-to-school” germ infestation and had gross…well…you know. Usually I have the sense not to go to church or any place public during “back to school week” but I forgot this year. My crew ended up sick this week…I was so frustrated but we just endured. Middle Boy had the stomach flu on Monday. Oldest was pale and miserable on Wednesday. Sparkles felt awful on Thursday. Crappy week! Hopefully I do not forget about the back to school germ fest next year! Yuck! But I am proud of my crew. Even in their sickness they still

deer eating the neighbor's corn this week
deer eating the neighbor’s corn this week

wanted to do their school work. We watched several educational shows on Netflix this week about ancient Egypt since that is what Oldest is studying at the moment. We’ve all decided that Zahi Hawass has the best job ever! I’ve enjoyed reading the books aloud for Oldest’s studies this year. I am glad that I did not just assign them to him to read on his own. I’ve learned so much the past few weeks about ancient Egypt and the Pharaohs of old. The books we’ve read through Beautiful Feet Books have really brought the history alive for me (and Oldest too). Sometimes I think homeschooling is as much about my re-education as my children’s education.

Littleest napping
Littlest napping

Littlest is a peculiar little man. Several times this week he has commented on the sadness of the sunflowers. The sunflowers are heavy with seed and can no longer shine their faces toward the sun. They are bent over like old-women…forever looking at the soil. Littlest thinks they are sad because they cannot find their seeds. They are looking downward searching for their lost seeds…always sad…no longer capable of gazing toward the sun. I’ve tried to explain to him that they cannot look at the sun anymore because they are heavy with seed but he just doesn’t understand. The sunflowers with their large hanging heads look sad to him.  He is right, they do look so sad. I meant to take a picture of them for you but I forgot…maybe next week.

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