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October 2014

Weekly Wrap-up: Autumn’s Arrival

We had a very busy and highly anticipated weekend. On Friday we only put in a half day of school. We then spent the rest of the time cleaning...well the kids cleaned. I worked in the kitchen making cake and... Continue Reading →

Birthday Boy

Today Littlest is four years old. We celebrated his birthday over the weekend with family. He also participated in Children's Sabbath at church where he played the handbells. He spent his time jumping instead of singing during choir. I am... Continue Reading →

Weekly Wrap-up: A Beautiful Life

Last Friday was a beautiful autumn day. So lovely that we decided to pack a picnic and head out to Land Between the Lakes for a "field trip". First, we followed the slowest truck ever through Amish country. Eventually, (after forever) the... Continue Reading →

Midweek Moment: Newton’s Bubbles

This week we read Isaac Newton by John Hudson Tiner. Sir Newton liked to blow bubbles during his years at Trinity and wonder why all the color would disappear before they popped. Oldest got out the bubble blower and watched... Continue Reading →

Weekly Wrap-up: Kinda Quiet

This was one of those quiet sort of was fairly routine. We went to our first homeschool 4H club meeting. I had intended to take pictures at the meeting but Littlest was a handful. Every time I tried to keep... Continue Reading →

Mid-week Moment: Sparkles

Sparkles learning to use the bread maker. Warm sweet milk bread is delicious with butter and homemade apple butter. Yum!

Weekly Wrap-up: Apples and Bonding Moments

  Last Friday we enjoyed a visit from my sweet friend and her two Littles (you can meet Yoga Mom and crew here.) We managed to swap a few tales and enjoy each other's fellowship between all the children underfoot. Middle Boy was so... Continue Reading →


This morning Oldest is learning to make apple fritters. He'll also be mopping the kitchen floor...

Weekly Wrap-up: And the Beat Goes On…

  The only reason I chose that title for the wrap-up is because the silly Sonny and Cher song adhered itself to my brain. I loathe getting a song stuck in my head...makes me a little nutters. Last weekend we went... Continue Reading →

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