I may not have been thinking clearly when I restarted this series so close to the feasting holiday season…I’m just not feeling the motivation right now.

My thoughts have wandered over the reasons for feasting this week as I’ve planned recipes for our special day of Thanksgiving. What is the point of feasting if you never fast? Jesus mentioned fasting a few times in the Bible but I’ve never heard a sermon about the topic. The Catholic church has seasons and rules for fasting that I faithfully followed in years past but never thought to ask, “Why?” Other than to really enjoy a feast I’m curious to learn why God teaches us to fast. Over the next few weeks I’ll study the topic and share what I discover.

This past year the kids and I have read several books about the Pilgrims, Native Americans, and the first Thanksgiving. We’ve watched Monumental and a few early American history documentaries. This year I am very aware of the meaning and history of the holiday and of my complete failure to really embrace it. I realized I’ve never sat at a table with my loved ones and told them why I am thankful. With this omission in mind I helped the kids to make  thankful pine cone turkeys to place on the table. On each colorful tail feather I had them write down someone or something they were grateful for. For them it was a fun craft but their turkeys will be on the table during the feast…a reminder to be grateful. It’s a start.

I didn’t lose any weight this week but I didn’t gain either so I’m going to claim victory. This week’s chapter in my book was about not comparing my self to others. God made us all to be unique and in his eyes we are beautiful the way he made us to be…for who he made us to be. My worth…your worth is not in the number the scale shows but in the price God willingly paid for our redemption. Ellie also points out that I can’t make these healthy changes all at one. I need to make a goal, just one. Later, when this goal is a set habit then make a new goal. Since I’ve let a few habits slip I am going to work on reestablishing them. The first one I’ve decided to tackle is drinking more water. Since the weather turned cold I do not want to drink water. I haven’t been feeling very lethargic lately and I think it is because I’ve not drank enough water or exercised much. I’ll figure out a new exercise schedule later but for this week I am going to focus on water. I told my kids I needed help remembering to drink water and twice today my oldest brought me a glass of water to drink!

One of the questions in the devotional this week asked if I believed God loves me the way he created me…tough question. Intellectually I know that God loves me for who he created me to be. In my heart I feel unworthy…not worth God’s (or anyone’s) time. But, I am a work in progress…working on becoming a New Creation.