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December 2014

2014 in Review and Upcoming Posts

I thought this review from WordPress was kinda neat so I am sharing the link. My most read posts are about Beautiful Feet Books curriculum and Christian Light Education Curriculum. I am working on a review of Beautiful Feet's Geography... Continue Reading →

Weekly Wrap-up: Last One of the Year

Another week full of busy days. Last Friday my husband and the kids rang the bell for the Salvation Army. They brought the Bow-tie Man's  full pickle jar from last year's bell ringing and took turns emptying the change into... Continue Reading →

Merry Christmas

Wishing you and yours a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!

Weekly Wrap-up: Caroling and Forty-Two

I think I will go on strike if next December is as busy as this one... Last Friday was my birthday...forty-two years. Our older three went to a program at church that evening leaving just Littlest with us. I almost... Continue Reading →


This week's chapter is titled "What in the World Does That Mean in Dog Years?" I had to chuckle a bit through this chapter because I completely related. So many times (not recently) I have watched doctors or nutritionists on one of... Continue Reading →

Weekly Wrap-up: One Amazing Weekend

Wow!!! This was a week to remember for our family. Saturday morning, just Littlest and I had a special morning to ourselves at the Angel Breakfast at church. Just the two of us...a rare event for any of the kids... Continue Reading →

Wibbly-Wobbly Life Goals: Week 3

This was supposed to be posted last week but I never really got a moment to get caught up. Littlest was feverish off and on for a couple of days and then the business of the Christmas season hit us.... Continue Reading →

Weekly Wrap-up: Clearing the Soul Clutter

Seems like forever since I sat down for some blogging therapy. Generally, half of the words that pour from my head never make it to the published page...but it is healing to clear such clutter from my mind and soul.  This... Continue Reading →

No Wibbly-Wobbly Weightloss Post Tonight

Littlest has a bit of a fever tonight. I found him snuggled under the Christmas tree after getting the supper dishes washed up. He is clinging to me now and needs some mommy-time. Hopefully I can get a post up... Continue Reading →

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