This was supposed to be posted last week but I never really got a moment to get caught up. Littlest was feverish off and on for a couple of days and then the business of the Christmas season hit us. My children were all involved in this past weekend’s play and talent show at church keeping us busy with practicing. Also, we started working on all the yummy Christmas goodies and gifts for teachers and friends. I was completely stressed for my kids and far more anxious than they were (and they were the ones performing!). I may have indulged in a few of the chocolate treats and cocoa this week…but not too much. I am really trying not to turn to food when I feel stressed and try to recite Psalm 139 instead.

This week I worked on keeping a food log…and failed. Even though I didn’t always write down what I ate and when, I did end up thinking about why I was reaching for a snack. Most of the time just being conscious of what I was doing and asking myself if I was actually hungry was enough for me not to eat the snack. I usually got a glass of water instead. The past four days I’ve managed to actually meet my water goal!!! This week my goal is simply to reach my water intake goal everyday this coming week. I started marking a place on my planner each day with seven water drops and filling in each drop as I finish a glass of water. For some reason it makes me happy coloring in my water drops each day…

Anyway, I changed the title of this series from weight loss to life goals. This chapter is about making goals and the reasons for getting healthy. Weight loss is not my primary reason. I want to feel better and have more energy for my family. I want the pain in my hands to go away and wear my wedding band again. I want to teach my children good habits so they will hopefully make better choices than I did. These are my main goals and each week I set small goals to help me reach these larger goals for my life. So, I borrowed Ellie’s term “life goals” and put it in place of weight loss.

This weeks goals: Seven glasses of water each day and journal my food. Make a weight loss page for my planner as well as a place to chart my measurements.