This week’s chapter is titled “What in the World Does That Mean in Dog Years?” I had to chuckle a bit through this chapter because I completely related. So many times (not recently) I have watched doctors or nutritionists on one of those morning talk shows and could not understand what they were saying. The language was so technical that I could not relate to it in a practical way.

In this chapter I learned that 4 grams is about one teaspoon. So to figure out how many teaspoons of sugar is in a food you need to divide the number of sugar grams by four. My favorite coke (soft-drink or soda for you non-Southern folk) is a Dr. Pepper and it has 40 grams of sugar per serving (can size). That is ten teaspoons of sugar in each can!!! Before reading this chapter I did not really understand what a gram or milligram looked like in a relatable way. Now that I know how to read how much sugar or salt is in a product I can make healthier choices for myself and my family.

I really do not want to keep up with how many grams of each nutrient I need to consume each day. I just do not have time for that sort of mental gymnastics. I found an app that is fairly easy to use that does keep up with all of that information. All I have to do is enter the food I eat and it tells me the nutritional facts and the number of remaining calories for the day. The app is called “myfitnesspal” and so far I like it. When I actually use it I am much more aware of what I am eating and less likely to snack on junk because I know how many calories remain for me to enjoy. I just need to start using it again…another habit to work on.

Speaking of habits…I met my water goal four times this week and on the other days I was only off by a glass or two!!! I was really happy and having a spot on my planner to check off my glasses of water was a helpful reminder for me. So this week I will set my goals to keep my water intake up and to start using the app on my phone to log food.

Weight loss goal page for 2015
Weight loss goal page for 2015

I made some cute weight loss planning pages for my planner this week. On the first of January I will weigh in and then set my goals for the rest of the year. I found a printable of a mason jar on Google images and then glues it to a page in the back of my planner. As I lose a pound I will put a sticker in the jar. I like the idea of the jars of stones on the counter and you move a rock from “pounds to lose” to a “pounds lost” jar. But I really didn’t want to clutter my counters so I made this paper version in my planner (ideas inspired from Pintrest).  Next to the jar I have some flip pages where I can record my measurements every month. The rest of the page and next page are for recording my target and actual weight each month. I used washi tape to pretty it all up and added a couple of my favorite quotes from Ellie’s book. I am really excited to use these pages for 2015!