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May 2015

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Weekly Wrap-up: Beatersville and Crazy Daydreams

Last Friday we went out to Kentucky Dam for a walk. We hadn't been out to the dam since sometime last fall so it was nice to have a different but familiar place to walk. Littlest walked the entire three... Continue Reading →


Last week I managed to exercise five out of seven days...not so bad. The first two days I got up early and had exercised and showered before the kids were out of bed. Those were good and productive days. The... Continue Reading →

Chai time

I enjoy the fragrance of simmering chai and listening to the kids play outside.  Beautiful day here...

Weekly Wrap-up: Recovery Week…Raw Emotions

We eased back into school after my mother's visit last week. The emotional impact of her visits are not quite as emotionally explosive as they used to be since the kids are getting older. Instead of acting out they are... Continue Reading →

Sophrosyne: Health Report Card

A couple of weeks ago I had to submit to a semi-physical for our health insurance company. They weighed me, took measurements, and a blood sample. I'm not sure about the accuracy of the bloodwork since I got the results... Continue Reading →

Weekly Wrap-up: Cicadas and Peacock Poetry

Last weekend we worked in the yard. We've had some very nice springtime weather. The kids and I have slacked at school work a little bit but the hot and humid days of summer will arrive soon enough and we'll... Continue Reading →

Pirate School

A few days ago we went to the grocery store during "school" hours. We usually do not go anywhere while most children are attending public school. My crew hate being asked by strangers why they are not in school. Just... Continue Reading →

Weekly Wrap-up: Caterpillars in the Kidneys

  Last Thursday night my husband left for the 10th Annual Texas Frightmare Festival in Dallas, Texas. He had the opportunity to go with someone from work with an extra ticket. Though it isn't the sort of event he would... Continue Reading →

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