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June 2015

Sunday Journal: Kiddie Pools and Smoke Bombs

  The humid sweltering heat of summer arrived this week. Going outdoors was something akin to strolling through molten waves of sun-kissed steam. Perfect southern summer weather. Most people are complaining about the heat but since I can still vividly remember... Continue Reading →

Birthday Humor

I told Littlest we would be attending a birthday party for a one year old. "You mean he is zero?" "Umm...yes, I suppose you could say so." I wasn't sure where he was going with that statement. "It's not easy... Continue Reading →

Journal: Road Trip with Bill, Homeschooling Regrets and Chocolate Gravy

This past week was our only week of summer break from school...after two days I remembered quite well why we do not take an extended vacation from formal schooling. They get into a fair amount of trouble with too much... Continue Reading →

Medieval Study: From Saint Augustine to Arabian Nights

We've completed our first six weeks of Beautiful Feet Books' Medieval History: A Literature Approach for Advanced Intermediate and Junior High.  Oldest loves history. It is his favorite subject to study. I think one of the reason's he loves it... Continue Reading →

Sweet Dreams

Found this cutie waiting in bed for me after finishing up my post...

Journal: Anxiety and Detachment

The past couple of weeks have been rough. Wrestling with anxiety is an exhausting task. I am ready for a quiet week of healing after two weeks of heart flutters, breathlessness, stress sores and nightmares. I've been so stressed this week that we... Continue Reading →

2014-2015 Year End Evaluation

The final papers are written and all final exams are graded and portfolios filed. I can wrap this academic year up with a pretty bow and start prepping for next year which begins soon. The kids get a small break from... Continue Reading →

Sophrosyne: Riding Shotgun

I'm stressed this week. I was stressed last week too. All because I do not like to drive. I would rather visit the dentist and get my teeth cleaned than drive. And that is saying a little something because I... Continue Reading →

Weekly Wrap-up: Moving on to Summer Term

Last week we closed out the academic year. Our 200th day of school is always our last day. Oldest finished up his paper on Julius Caesar and with that he completed elementary school. A milestone year for him. He is typing... Continue Reading →

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