water balloon fight
water balloon fight

“I had an accident.” Littlest woke me early this morning with those tear-filled words. As I sat up to console him he thrusts his soiled pajama bottoms in my hands. I am now fully awake. Why do most surprises in motherhood involve bodily fluids in the wee hours of the morning? I sent Littlest to the tub, wiped up the floors, started a load of laundry, and then scrubbed my little boy clean. Littlest was very sad because his “Doggy” (security blanket) was also in the wash. He was all tears and just wanted me to cuddle and hold him for a while. I really didn’t mind because I know the days will arrive too soon when he will no longer need me in quite the same way.

Sparkles playing piano at camp
Sparkles playing piano at camp

The rest of Sunday was a pleasant day. My husband stayed home with Littlest while the rest of us went to church. We arrived home to the happy-tummy smell of my husbands homemade spaghetti sauce and meatballs. My husband makes the best spaghetti and meatballs ever…you’ll never convince me otherwise. I never order it at restaurants anymore because I am always so disappointed…just doesn’t compare. I wonder sometimes why he did not go into the restaurant business. After indulging on spaghetti we spent the afternoon watching Doctor Who reruns. Oldest also built a mini-crossbow for his history studies. He’s already modified it several times. The kids then went to the first night of VBS (Vacation Bible School). Oldest is

Sparkles and Miss Monty
Sparkles and Miss Monty

helping in the sound booth and with other odd jobs since he is now too old for VBS. How can I have a child too old for VBS?

All week Sparkles attended an American Girl camp in town. The camp is based on the American Girl dolls and various eras of American history. She had a wonderful time and of course, she now wants an American Girl doll of her own. She did play one of her piano pieces for the girls in her camp. The last day of the camp was spent at the swimming pool. Sparkles worried about the pink fading from her hair if she got in the pool. I told her to have fun and that we could always fix her hair again. The pink did fade a bit so we’ll dye it again. Sparkles and I also spent a couple of days putting

left over pieces...I want to do something special with them...
left over pieces…I want to do something special with them…

together a sewing nook for her. she now has a place to keep all of her sewing notions and equipment.

While going through all of the sewing boxes passed down the Sparkles I found a hand stitched bit of blocks done by my husbands mother and some crocheted flowers made by my grandmother. I am trying to think of something to do with these last unfinished pieces. Finish them into a little pillow or maybe some sort of display piece? I don’t know but an open to ideas…have any ideas? Please share.

My long-haired boys finally got hair cuts this week. They look so much better and a little older. Why do they look older with every haircut? I guess that is why I procrastinate on the haircuts.

Oldest after haircut
Oldest after haircut

Oldest and I stayed up late several nights this week working on the Passport2Purity curriculum I had to review. I am glad we worked through most of the curriculum together but it did seem to make the past week…endless.

I’ve also felt a bit sad the past few days. I usually work on something in the kitchen while the kids are practicing the piano. I was working on lunch and was surprised to find I was crying. Tears were streaming down my face and I wondered if something was wrong with me. I have nothing to be so sad about!!! I’m not depressed or upset but felt so sorrowful. I sat at the table with my chai and listened to Middle Boy practice his new song. As I listened to him play I realized that I knew this song. He and Oldest are learning Taps. There are only two songs that will bring instant tears to my eyes: Amazing Grace (especially on bagpipes) and Taps. I had a good laugh at myself. I wasn’t really sad just listening to sad music. Mystery

Littlest before haircut
Littlest before haircut

solved…if only all the unknowns in life could be unraveled so easily.

We’ll be busy the next few days with VBS and starting up our morning routine for the school year. Our first day of school officially begins on the 20th so I will be busy with last-minute planning and preparations for the first week of school. We also have co-op sign-ups this week which will determine if we decide to join this year. Sparkles also begins sewing lessons with a new teacher this week. We are both excited for this opportunity for her.

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I’m currently reading: The Israelites (An Intoduction) by Antony Kamm. I’m reading this in preparation for my study of the Old Testament. So far I find it fascinating and a very enjoyable read. I wish I could find a good teacher or Sunday School class to help me study the Old Testament but maybe it is time to learn on my own for a while.

I’m also still reading through The Way of the Pilgrim for my Sunday read time. I find it very rich and can only read a few pages before I have to think on the material a bit. It is simple and yet rich…

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