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August 2015

Sunday Journal: Searching for Home

My husband worked hard this week finishing the deck remodel. I helped a couple of days this week laying the...umm...dunno what it is called. Ha! It was a roll of shingle like stuff for waterproofing and I did most of... Continue Reading →

Journal: Last Things and Sparkles Horrible Day

Sparkles bad day began last night. She was helping (in her own "head in the clouds" special way) carry old wood to the burn pile. We (my husband really...but marriage makes everything a "we") are removing the old worn out... Continue Reading →

Afterthoughts on Ordinary Moments

First of all I want to thank Lindsay over at Between Hallowed Breaths for the inspiration for this series. I read her post and felt drawn to uncover my own search for these moments that really escape my notice most... Continue Reading →

Sunday Journal: Strike That, Reverse It…

Remember last week when I said we were moving to northern Kentucky?! Well, never mind that. We're going to Frankfort now (our state capitol for those who do not know). I'm excited to move there and in all honesty ready... Continue Reading →

Ordinary Moments

Last day of the 30 day challenge. A yummy treat to celebrate a lovely ordinary day. I'm also celebrating the end of this challenge which happened to coinside with the news of our move.

Ordinary Moments

This morning we went out for breakfast at Hutchen's BBQ. We wanted to enjoy our favorite breakfast spot one last time. We then headed to Nashville to the Lego store. Followed by lunch at Macaroni Grill. Afterward we went to... Continue Reading →

Ordinary Moments

I didn't... Pack a thing today...nor tidy the house. Laundry sits all a mess. Abandoned my terribly long to-do list. I did... Sit on my porch enjoying sunshine and breezes... Picked tiny carrots from my garden and fed the bunnies...while... Continue Reading →

Ordinary Moments

Today was my husband's last day at work. He came home with cupcakes and this cute fella... One his friends at work made this for him...with a chainsaw! Day 27 of 30.

Ordinary Moments

The tag fell off of Littlest's lovey today. Most of us rip tags off of things and toss them. Not my little one. He rubs the tag on his cheek when he is sleepy or stressed and wraps it around... Continue Reading →

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