The tag fell off of Littlest’s lovey today. Most of us rip tags off of things and toss them. Not my little one. He rubs the tag on his cheek when he is sleepy or stressed and wraps it around his finger when he is ready to fall asleep. He will also rub “taggy” on my cheek if I am not feeling well.


Isn’t he sweet?!

I found the perfect spool of blue thread amongst my husband’s mother’s sewing notions. Sparkles had a needle I could use.

I sewed him back together.


Littlest said, “Doggy and Taggy isn’t the same anymore.”

“No”, I said. “Is that okay? Do you want me to try again?”

“He’s raised up now. He’s supposed to be different. ”


He left with his lovey cuddled close. I am glad that for the moment I had the necessary skill to mend his broken heart. Someday soon he’ll have problems that I cannot fix.

I’m also left wandering over his resurrection statement…