the empty school room...I cried
the empty school room…I cried

I am so very glad the moving away part of this adventure is now in the past. The week was hard for me…for all of us. Sparkles cried nearly every day. Several times Littlest was curled up on the floor clutching his Doggy and sucking his thumb. He took his anger out on the movers a couple of times! Fortunately the three men that spent nearly four days packing our things were kind and understanding.

Everyday this past week friends visited, brought us lunch, or invited us over for dinner. I am richly blessed with beautiful friends. Lovely people who accept me just as I am with all of my flaws. I missed them before I ever left their presence…

the movers arrive
the movers arrive

As the movers packed everything away I watched my home turn into an empty house. That hurt. I’ve always been happy to move in the past. New adventures, places and faces. I thought this house would be my forever home on this earth…at least until the children were grown and gone. I grew so much in my faith…and as a woman. I became stronger and more vulnerable. I found a best friend…a unique love I have never experienced before. I grew here and dared to spread roots for the first time in my life…so no wonder leaving is painful.

I would not change these experiences for the world.

Last night I left my home and followed my husband’s Mustang to Lexington…to our lovely “home between home”. At one point he lost me on the trip. I got caught up in traffic and mini-vans do not hug curves like Mustangs. I totally freaked out and cried…and cried. I knew the way to

We love you Suzann
We love you Suzann

the apartment but freaked out anyway. He didn’t leave me behind and slowed down until I could catch-up. He is amazing and puts up with my insecurities with loving patience. I just adore him.

This week I finally get to see the new house! I am looking forward to walking through the door. I haven’t been inside of it since I was sure I wouldn’t choose to live there!! My husband has sent pictures all month of the progress. This week the house should be done! I hope to see the movers again before the week is out…

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