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October 2015

Re: Diagnostic

Hannah over at Praying With One Eye Open asked a question. What do you need most?  Have you asked yourself that lately? Would your answer change if your spouse were the one asking?  A friend?  A travel agent?  Your mom?... Continue Reading →

Sunday Journal: Cracking Twelve

Last week only a hint of autumn was noticeable. A wee bit of yellow and orange peeked through the green trees. This week the brilliant and glorious fall colors are everywhere. This town is gorgeous right now. Other than a... Continue Reading →

Review and Giveaway: The CEB Student Bible

Just to be clear I am not reviewing the Bible. I am just giving my opinion on the quality, style and study content within this translation. About nine weeks ago (or thereabouts) our pastor chose to read from the Common English Bible during... Continue Reading →

Reblogging: Finding Beauty In Homeschooling Through the Seasons

Source: Finding Beauty In Homeschooling Through the Seasons from Jen Mackintosh at Wildflowers and Marbles We are struggling in our homeschool right now. Partially unpacked and sealed boxes are everywhere. I didn't expect a new house to change our schooling routine in... Continue Reading →

Sunday Journal: The Long Visit, Exploring and Late Celebrations

My mother's weekend visit dragged on till Thursday. I thought she might hang out with the kids while I unpacked. But it didn't work out that way. Instead of playing and visiting with her grandchildren she kept trying to unpack... Continue Reading →

Sunday Journal: Butterfly Funerals, Addictions and Hello Fluffies!!!

We opened a bunch of boxes this week...and still have a ton to go. I worked with the kids in their rooms on the days I could concentrate on unpacking. Their rooms are slowly coming together. Sparkles bed was broken... Continue Reading →

Cooking with Julie

I have a new obsession...Periscope. I learned about Periscope from the Brave Writer Blog.  The amazing woman behind Brave Writer is Julie Bogart. I'm a total homeschool fangirl for Julie!!! Total fangirl!! I admit it, I own it. Not ashamed... Continue Reading →


Every fall (for the past twenty years or more) I take antihistamines for my ragweed allergy for about eight weeks. No big deal. At least I didn't think so. This year when I stopped taking Allegra-D I started suffering withdrawal symptoms. I... Continue Reading →

Sunday Journal: Move-in Week

This past week feels like the longest week of my life. Not that the time has gone by slowly but that so much has happened it feels more like two weeks instead of just one. I've lost an entire season... Continue Reading →

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