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November 2015

Sunday Journal: Thanksgiving Week Adventures

Since I was still suffering from my chest cold and this was Thanksgiving week very little schooling happened. We did work on some math and read in our History of Medicine text for science. This week we'll get back to... Continue Reading →

Book Review: Homeschool Made Easy

Lea Ann Garfias recently sent me her new e-book Homeschool Made Easy. I wish this book had been available when I first started thinking about homeschooling. Her book in precisely simple terms describes the different approaches to home education, learning styles,... Continue Reading →

"There is also a deeper loss that’s harder to put a price on. If children are born with anything, it’s a sense of the invisible beauty and elegance of the world. They love seeing patterns, making connections, and solving problems.... Continue Reading →

Sunday Journal: Illness and Inspiration

This week was rough. I have an awful chest cold. I felt it coming on last week but hoped I'd be able to shake it off. No luck. For a couple of days I ran a high fever. There were... Continue Reading →

Appalachian Trail Unit Study Review

I recently received the opportunity to use The Appalachian Trail: A Unit Study download by Donna Rees from The Old Schoolhouse Magazine for the Schoolhouse Review Crew.  I chose this study since we live near(ish) to the Appalachian Trail and I've... Continue Reading →

Sunday Journal: Girl’s Night Adventure and Ramblings

Currently my chest has that awful tight congested feeling. My ears feel stuffed with warm cotton. The back of my throat burns. Tomorrow the coughing will start. Most likely this week's schooling will only be bare bones but maybe with several... Continue Reading →

Re: Poetry Tea Passion

I have had a slew of questions over Poetry Tea Time the past couple of weeks! One friend even declared me to be "an inspiration." Well, that might be stretching the truth quite a bit too far. I'm no inspiration but I am... Continue Reading →

Sunday Journal: Friendships and Downtown Traditions

The first week of November flew by in a whirlwind of activity. We spent a couple of afternoons in downtown Frankfort enjoying the local Candlelight Tradition, the town's kickoff of the Holiday Season. I must admit I had a hard... Continue Reading →

Re: Why Are You Here Tonight?

Last week (or was it the week before?) Brother Phil at church asked a small group of us, "Why are you here?" I was immediately uncomfortable, found my hands fascinating, and hoped he would not call on me to give an answer (mercifully,... Continue Reading →

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