This year was an adventure! I had no idea our family journey was in for so much change last January. I went through and chose my favorite pictures from each month…little snapshots of the year that was.


We had lots of fun in the snow. Middle Boy wanted a TARDIS cake for his birthday and a trip to the Lego store in Nashville.


More snow and lots of sledding. Sparkles enjoyed a date night with Daddy!


Yet more snow! My husband was gone on the first of many trips away for the year. All of the kids piled in the bed with me while he travelled…I ended up on the couch.


I had the privilege of working with Rea Berg of Beautiful Feet Books at the Cincinnati Homeschool Convention. Monty and Polly joined our family. I am a big fan of the bunnies and spent a lot of time with them as changes came. Littlest graduated preschool and told me “only Mommy school” from now on for him.


Oldest completed his elementary years (Nooo!!!) The obnoxiously loud cicadas crawled out of the earth…still gives me the creeps. We celebrated the end of school with an ancient history feast.


We visited with the Sisters and friends in Lexington.


Our new school year started after VBS. My husband began interviews for another job.


We started visiting places we loved before moving: skating rink, cruise in, Land Between the Lakes. We visited with friends and finally saw the Parthenon in Nashville. I packed up the school room. My husband left for his new job.


The movers took our things away. We said goodbye to our beloved church and friends. This month was spent on the road between our home of seven years, an apartment, and searching for a new home. Oldest and Sparkles added another year to their lives.


We moved into our new home and began exploring our new town. Littlest turned five.


Sparkles suddenly started turning into a little lady. We tried to get a rhythm to our school days but by the end of the month I was sick. I was accepted to the Schoolhouse Review Crew and begin to wonder what I have gotten myself into…but I am sure the experience will be insightful.


The illness continues to travel through each family member making school nearly impossible. I make the crazy decision to cancel school for the rest of December. I kinda freaked out but it turns out to be a good decision. My husband and I get to have a fun night out and I “play the slots” for the first time (most likely only) in my life. Boots joined our family after Christmas.

What a year!! Looking back I can see that we had a wonderful time. All of the traveling was exciting (and exhausting).I am much more relaxed in my role as a home educator now than in January.  We grew closer as a family…partly due to heartache. My husband’s decision to move away from his home was hard. I felt very protective of him and struggled to keep my anger from surfacing. I would rather have my own heart broken than watch my husband hurting. My husband and I also learned what amazing and wonderful friends we have. We are a family rich in blessings.

I am looking forward to 2016. We are going to join a homeschool co-op once a week. I’ve had a peek at all of the fabulous review opportunities coming up this year from the Review Crew. Our new home is rich in field trip opportunities. I also hope to go on a retreat designed for homeschool moms in the summer. Well, maybe…I’m starting to talk myself out of it.  The idea seems fun but also a little selfish.

Maybe, if I get a nap tomorrow, I’ll try to stay up and actually ring in the New Year. If we are watching The Blacklist I’m sure that I’ll be awake. But if we’re watching the Times Square New Year’s Eve party then I’ll be sound asleep.

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