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January 2016

Sunday Journal: Birthday Week and Zoo Expedition

We spent most of the week waiting for the weekend. Middle Boy's birthday was on Monday but we didn't celebrate until this weekend with a trip to Cincinnati. Middle Boy requested a trip to the Lego store. All of the... Continue Reading →

Nine Years

Happy Birthday to my creative and energetic Middle Boy!

Sunday Journal: Snowy Days

We were blessed with another quiet week...mostly. The entire state of Kentucky is still wrapped in a blanket of snow. Our area only received a few inches. The area where my mother lives ended up with freezing rain and ice... Continue Reading →

Sunday Journal: Quiet Week

For the most part we enjoyed a quiet and productive week. Snow fell a couple of days bringing excitement but melted away too soon for play. Still it was soothing to look out the window and watch the snow fall sipping my... Continue Reading →

Sunday Journal: Reckonings and Reunions

Our first week back to the school routine turned out to be wonderful. Sitting down with the attendance report...not so wonderful. We lost plenty of "official school days" due to the move. I'd like to add that meeting with realtors,... Continue Reading →

Midyear Audaciousness

I know it is January and not is however the middle of our school year. Reworking our daily routine was one of the many changes I made to our homeschool during our recent eight week(!!!) break. We needed a moment to... Continue Reading →

Faith Unraveled Chapters 1-2

Originally, Faith Unraveled by Rachel Held Evans was titled Evolving in Monkey Town. In the book she discusses her own dissolving Southern Fundamentalist Christian faith in light of surfacing doubts. I am reading this book in a study with a small... Continue Reading →

Review: Yearly Membership

For the past month my crew has enjoyed exploring a few online electives from We took all of December off from academic learning so the kids spent their time exploring courses suited to their interests. Oldest and Sparkles found the guitar lessons... Continue Reading →

2016 Word

A new year full of promise, hope, new adventures, and dreams. Not exactly... Just more of the same-old, same-old. I'm not one for keeping New Year's resolutions. I'll let the fitness hype go this year. But, now that we are... Continue Reading →

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