I like these words…

john pavlovitz


Hello, friend.

If your eyes are falling upon these words you’ve arrived at the threshold of another year.

Now you may have done so in a swift, blissful sprint across the dateline, or dragging your battered self through the last agonizing seconds of the past year.

Whether you greet today with elation or despair, you’re here now and the question is: What are you going to do with this next trip around the sun?

I may not know you but I know a few things about you:

Right now your mind is likely in some manner of reset mode as you ponder all the things you’d like to change along with the calendar.

You’re probably carefully mulling over a laundry list of personal alterations, career endeavors, and daily practices you aspire to incorporate into this newborn moment in history.

Today you’re making plans and declaring intentions and diligently power washing the slate clean…

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